About Us

INKaTee started of as a "Dream" that soon after became a reality. It started of as a family owned, home based business dedicated to serve mostly friends and family, some school and small customers. The original idea started with my father and his love designing art for T-shirts, and a enthusiastic mother that helped him in his adventure. The whole family was new to the concept of silk screening and 20 years ago it was al trial and error process. As the business grew the whole family became involved and all four children were spending our free time helping with the family business. As we grew older, all of us went our ways with our careers and the business become just a hobby for special occasions. I moved on to a well know, hard working company and learn all through first hand experience, but the dream of someday owning my own business never left my head. This is how I got to this day, where owning a business is not a dream anymore. "My dream is now a reality" I am doing what I know best and love doing. As a father of 3 growing children the idea of environmentalism and conservation become a constant worry. I believe in the need of environmental changes and I am true believer that it can be done by taking small steps. Yes , it takes a little more work and effort to recycle to use water based products, but our children and our children's children deserve to live in a better world. At Ink a Tee we will take small steps and make every attempt possible to switch and stay "green" and we will offer our customers the same option without jeopardizing the quality of the products that we offer, all in order to save our natural resources and our Planet Earth.